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Why the Horse

Since our founding in 1990, Turn Services has upheld a tradition of naming our vessels after horses that have won the Triple Crown. Why is that? To begin with, there have been only 13 horses that have ever accomplished this sport's greatest achievement with the first being Sir Barton in 1919 and the last being Justify who captured the Triple Crown in 2018. These horses captured the hearts and minds of Americans. They each had to overcome obstacles that ranged from battling nagging injuries to beating fierce opponents and enduring the grueling schedule of the Triple Crown.

At Turn Services, we admire the qualities that these horses have shown: strength, determination, the ability to push beyond one’s perceived limits and the focus to achieve high performance. We believe that all of these qualities are admirable in a horse, in a person and in a company.

It should be noted that our company has now grown to the point whereour number of vessels has exceeded the number of Triple Crown winners. As such, we have begun to name our boats after other equine champions. We always choose horses that are proven winners and show great heart. And whileour company plans to continue expanding, we are committed to growing smartly - seeking strategic opportunities for growth that will benefit our customers.



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