Why the Bird

Turn Services is the kind of company that invests a great deal of planning, thought and attention to detail in everything we do and that includes the design of our logo. So why the bird? Well, it's not just any bird - it's an Arctic Tern. This bird lives in the Arctic from mid - April through mid - September, then flies to the Antarctic and lives there from mid - November through mid - March. That's a migration of 44,000 miles each year mostly over oceans.

We chose the Arctic Tern as our iconographic image for a number of good reasons: it is highly focused, very efficient, hardworking and travels great distances. At Turn Services, we believe that all of these qualities are admirable in a bird, in a person and in a company.

Our company also believes in the old adage that success in business means never standing still. Each day of every year, Turn Services strives to enhance its level of service and its commitment to customers.Just like our namesake and icon, we are focused on working hard and getting to our next destination quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about how Turn Services can bring greater efficiency to your handling of inland waterborne commerce, please contact us anytime.



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