Vessel Services

From towing and fleeting to launching and servicing terminals, Turn Services provides highly reliable vessel services to efficiently and effectively handle the inland waterborne commerce needs of our customers. As with all services offered by Turn, we provide highly qualified and experienced professionals who have made a strong commitment to safety and protecting the environment.

Towing and Shifting - Turn Services provides towing and shifting at all of our full-service fleets as well as towing from Baton Rouge to Myrtle Grove. In addition, we have expanded our geographical footprint and now offer towing services along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway from Texas to Florida.

Tug Services -Turn Services provides tug assist services at our locations for any vessel dropping barges into that fleet. We also provide redelivery services to fleets and terminals in the vicinity of our locations.Turn Services provides short haul services at any point on the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to Myrtle Grove. We have the capacity to operate east of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal and west on the Gulf Intracoastal Canal.

Fleeting - Turn Services provides fleeting areas for river barges in the Lower Mississippi River. We operate a 195-barge capacity sparred fleet at Myrtle Grove (mile 57 AHP); a 136-barge capacity shore wire fleet on the Eastbank and a 231-barge capacity sparred fleet on the Westbank at Meraux (mile 86.5 AHP); and a 147-barge capacity sparred fleet at Welcome (mile 163 AHP). Turn also operates a private shorewire barge fleet at LaGen Power Plant (mile 263 AHP) with a capacity of 160 barges.

Launch Services - Turn Services owns and operates eleven launch service boats. Our boats operate from the Chalmette Slip servicing Associated Terminals rigs at Meraux Fleet, Violet and the Port of St. Bernard; in Convent servicing midstream operations and at Myrtle Grove Fleet servicing Associated Terminals midstream operations and the MGMT. In addition, all of our boats maintain a Certificate of Inspection issued by the United States Coast Guard.

Servicing Terminals - Turn Services provides services at terminals and transfer facilities on the Lower Mississippi River. Through these operations, we are able to reduce downtime at the transfer facilities and turn-around time on the barges.



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