Shipyard Services
Turn Services provides a variety of shipyard services designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and exceed expectations. To better serve our customers, we have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to quality, efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility.

Barge Cleaning

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for dry cargo hopper barges.Turn Services cleans barges under permits issued by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. Our barge cleaning services include washing the topside of the barge (including covers, if applicable) and the hopper (including the underside of the covers, if applicable) to remove any previous cargo residue, squeegeeing the hopper floor and sponging out the sumps.

**Upon request, hoppers can be blown dry and covers can be raised for hand cleaning of the coaming cap.

Topside Barge Repair

Turn Services employs experienced welders and fiberglass repair professionals to perform topside repairs of our customers' barges as needed. Services include steel and fiberglass patches, gouge and weld of fractures, cropping and renewing, the replacement of broken rigging and other miscellaneous repairs.

Inspection and Pumping

Turn Services conducts walk around inspections for hull and cover damage on every barge in our fleets, including checking all wing tanks for water. We also provide hopper and wing tank pumping as well as temporary repairs when needed.




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