Turn Services operates at a very high standard of compliance. The company is well positioned for the Coast Guard's new inspection program for towing vessels. In fact, our boats are being utilized by the Coast Guard to help train the new inspectors and assist them in receiving their qualifications. Every Turn Services towboat also has a secure Coast Guard plan - as do three of our fleet locations.

Turn Services offers 24-hour dispatch services, and operates its towboats with two deckhands per watch. Our round-the-clock dispatching ensures that the company stays informed of any and all developments that occur in the field. Our policy of two deckhands per watch improves the overall safety awareness on the deck, as we all look out for each other.

Safety and Compliance Audits

Turn Services performs quarterly internal audits. In addition, we have participated in several third-party audits including:

Responsible Carrier Program (AWO) Third-Party Audit performed every three years 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, and 2017

Customer Compliance Audits

Partners in Compliance

Turn Services works closely with the Coast Guard to maintain standards aboard our vessels and to ensure proper standards are met. Compliance measures performed include:

Each vessel has a vessel Security Plan and each captain is a trained Vessel Security Officer.

Every towboat has undergone the Coast Guard Bridging Inspection Program and displays the sticker signifying compliance.

Each crewboat holds a Certificate of Inspection issued by the Coast Guard.

Several members of the Coast Guard rode Turn Services' vessels in preparation for the Bridging Inspection Program and the upcoming Subchapter M regulations.

Turn Services team members gave input on the Subchapter M proposed rule both verbally at the public hearing and in writing.

Industry Organizations

 American Waterways Operators (AWO) - Responsible Carrier Program Compliant

 Greater New Orleans Barge and Fleeting Association (GNOBFA)

 Maritime Navigation Safety Association (MNSA)

 Waterways Council, Inc.

 Port Safety Council



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